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Why we are different for Thoracic Care in London

Our Thoracic care team in London have a unique combination of attributes that enables us to offer what we believe is a superior and comprehensive service:

  • Team working approach with colleagues from allied top London cancer and respiratory medicine teams. This means that complex treatment decisions not made by one consultant working alone, but by a panel of our experts.
  • Award winning thoracic surgeons
  • Advanced international training in top US centres
  • Cutting edge thoracic treatment techniques
  • In addition to our technical capabilities, we are proud of the old fashioned value we place on bed side manner and a wider human interest in those seeking our help
  • Beautiful and convenient location on the banks of the river Thames, in historic premises, with excellent rail (London Bridge), air (city airport) and tube links
  • Award with a longstanding pedigree in caring for patients with chest conditions, boasting a very high level of nursing and physiotherapy expertise